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AI DePIN Platform connection gpu to everyone

Monetize and maximize your GPU easily and
Access the computing power you need for your AI JOB

Our vision

What we are developing


The challenge

In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is growing on an unprecedented scale, revolutionizing every sector, from healthcare to finance, the primary challenge remains access to sufficient computing power. Innovators and researchers are hitting a wall: the hardware needed to develop and generalize AI is either inaccessible or prohibitively expensive. That's where our vision comes into play, promising to break down this wall and redefine the future of AI innovation.


The strength of the collective

From forgotten data centers, cryptocurrency miners looking to diversify their income, to innovative crypto projects, we aggregate these scattered resources to create collective force. This force is decentralized computing power, made available through our platform, ensuring that every AI project can be realized, regardless of hardware constraints. But our mission goes beyond simply providing resources.


The answer

Imagine a world where computing power is no longer a luxury, but an abundant and accessible resource. Where your most ambitious AI projects are no longer hampered by hardware limitations, but powered by global infrastructure. This is the world we are building with our DePIN solution. Our platform acts as a bridge between the huge pool of unused GPUs and those who need them most.


win win

By creating an ecosystem where computing power is shared, we are establishing a culture of collaboration and innovation. Each GPU shared on our platform does not just represent one more computing unit, or simple value creation for those with computing power.

It symbolizes a commitment to collective progress, a step towards a future where AI can develop freely, without constraints.

How it works

Optimize your RIG mining



Maturity Market


GPU requirement at maturity


DePIN market valuation


businesses will use AI by 2030


Average price of 8 X H100 NVIDIA card/hour

AI-DePin Project

Our project is dedicated to democratizing access to cutting-edge computing power solutions, ensuring that they are available to everyone, without exception.

In addition to addressing the needs of applicants, our project also aimed to:

  • Individuals: Providing access to the computing power necessary for personal projects, such as video editing or 3D rendering.

  • Students: Exploring the possibilities of search and machine learning without encountering technical limitations.

  • Entrepreneurs: Facilitating the development of projects and ideas without requiring investment in expensive infrastructure.

Our overarching goal is to establish an open and inclusive environment where everyone can leverage the potential of computing power.

Here are some guidelines for our project:

  • Universal Accessibility: Offering an intuitive and user-friendly platform accessible to all.

  • Diverse Service Selection: Providing a wide range of options to meet specific needs.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: Allowing users to adjust resources according to their projects and budgets.

  • Affordable Costs: Providing competitive pricing for access to computing power.

In the current context of rapid artificial intelligence development, having ample computing resources for training complex models 
and large-scale deployment is essential. Our project aims to this gap by offering a powerful and scalable computing infrastructure.


ACCESSIBILITY: Our project is designed to be both profitable and accessible to all.

Move away from traditional mining, which is often expensive and dominated by large entities.

With our innovative DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) and JOB system, users can benefit from a simpler and more lucrative alternative:

  • DePIN: Enhancing network security by effortlessly sharing unused information.

  • JOB: Completing short, profitable tasks to generate passive income.

Unlike traditional mining methods, DePIN and JOB don't require significant investments in equipment or energy. Moreover, the compensation is more stable and predictable, ensuring better long-term profitability.

Here are some key advantages of our project:

  • Protection against Volatility: Income isn't tied to cryptocurrency prices, providing greater financial stability.

  • Stable and Predictable Income: Planning ahead with regular and precise income streams.

  • Passive Income Generation: Earning passive income through short, lucrative tasks.

  • Risk Reduction: Minimizing the impact of market fluctuations on investments.

  • Accessible Profitability: Enjoying gradual profitability without the need for significant upfront investments.

  • Active Participation in Blockchain: Contributing to network security and development by sharing information and completing tasks.

Bees operate in highly decentralized models, where each individual contributes to the well-being and survival of the colony, without there being centralized control. This organization allows for great resilience and adaptability, qualities that we seek to emulate in infrastructure management.

Why the Bee ?

Our victory

Transforming the high-performance computing landscape into an exceptional win-win opportunity.

For Miners, we offer a unique chance to monetize unused GPUs and take occasional “jobs” which would be more profitable than mining.


For developers, we are paving the way to accelerate AI projects at a reduced cost.


By joining us, you gain access to unrivaled computing power, save on costs and push innovation to new horizons. Together, let's redefine the future of technology.

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